Thursday, July 14, 2011



Surrendered by the Germans, this monster floating crane stands 374 feet high and can lift the equivalent of 283 cars at the same time.
Now folks here is "the crane of all crane's" least in it's day it was.   
Actually this U.S. Navy Crane.....was one of four built in Germany during the of the four was awarded to the U.S. under the authority of the Tri-Partite Naval Commission.  One of the original four was sunk.....another I believe went or was suppose to go to the Russians, but this one was not completed by the end of the war.  The other two, used at Kiel by the Germans was for submarine construction and repair, were taken over by the British. was least when the U.S. Navy received it....YD-171....or better known as 

My article gives you some insight on just how "BIG" this ole girl was....also goes into 'some' detail on how they [the U.S. Navy] had to get her across the pond to our Pacific Coast.....not a small feat.

Then once how in the world do we put this thing together???

The article is not a long one....has some excellent picks that I hope will provide the reader of just how big this ole girl is.  If you'd care to 'give it a go'....just look above and click on her name in "red": "Herman The German" and up will pop the article.

Hope you enjoy the read