Monday, July 18, 2011


The USS Bogue... sailed from Norfolk and aboard her was Composite Squadron Forty-Two (abbreviated that to VC-42) and they all [the Escort Carrier, as well as destroyer escorts] on a demonstration to show "two big wigs", which were aboard the carrier....on how it is possible to be a sub-killer carrier.

Well the Bogue already had a record of two the pilots was extremely eager to show these two high ranking office jockie from the Navy and the other from the Army....just how it is done.

So this article is explaining what the carrier captain, whom was also the "big boss" of the task group, wanted to provide an example of "how it is done"

Well he got his chance.  You see the VC-42 was en route to replace another task group....but before the Bogue and her escorts could get to the area and replace this other task force.....a U-boat had made and attack and sunk a they needed to get there in a hurry.

So...this is there story of just how they search...and search and finally the pilots did in fact spot the sub.....end result was

So if you wish to give this one a'll be right in the 'know' on how it was done....and the two "high rankers" was impress!!!!

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