Friday, July 15, 2011



Back a few years....well I guess it was more than a was during the Civil War era there was a great need for medical attention up and down the Mississippi.  This was mainly due to the epidemic communication of disease on both sides of the conflict.  These diseases for the most part was linked to several things....Vaccination was slow; sanitation and hygiene were fairly poor.  Actually these many diseases that both sides were dealing with claimed more lives than gunshots....yep that is a very true statement!!!

So this is somewhat how the "Red Rover", a side wheel steamer, that was built back in 1859, and eventually came into being the 'first' Navy Hospital boat.

She was gathered up after being abandoned and was converted to a hospital boat.....the ole girl was given a separate operating room...fully equipped.....even an elevator....and much, much more.

Well I won't go into the whole story with this 'intro'...  If this seems as if it may be something that interest your reading....well just click on the link below.....and up she'll pop.

Hope you enjoy the tad of history