Friday, July 22, 2011


In the biggest race of her life....the USS Oregon (BB-3)....a first rate battleship of the Spanish-American War...was Victorious!!

The Oregon made a very long trip of 14,700 miles....all in 68 days....and all this time pounding into the waves....pushing...pushing her remarkable hast to get back to home port.....then without any engineering repairs....other than taking on coal....she headed to Santiago de Cuba where she took part in the battle with the Spaniards.....and done very well.

Don't forget this was all done in 1898....where equipment was not what we have sail thousands of miles without breakdowns and having to come in for drydock maintenance.

So if you'd care to give this one a 'read' well I would certainly encourage you to do so.....a tad of naval history that most with interest in the U.S. Navy should be aware of.

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