Monday, October 3, 2011


It is not often that you come across a guy that just seems to have a way about him that somehow deserves the word "HERO" somehow attached when you introduce him to a person or a group.

Now here is a guy that "just couldn't get enough" of working behind the lines in the Korean conflict...  No I've never met Eugene Clark...which is the individual that this article is all about....but...I have come into play with individuals that has this persons make up....these guys are awesome!!!!

They simply excel in taking on super dangerous situations....and on top of that it is more or less "matter-of-fact" to them....they speak of it as "Actually it was no big deal...just another days work"...  Hmmmmmm...well ok...but tell you what buddy...."I tip my hat to you" is the short story of Lieutenant Eugene Clark...believe me if he had been born a generation later, he would have been a bigger than life hero....he was really into hazardous spy missions deep behind enemy lines in Korea ....which actually would have made him the perfect role model for a Rambo-style Hollywood super hero!!!!! you want to know more about this guy....well here is the short version.

Just click HERE to give this one a go!!!

Now...there really is another part to this "Clark story"...and that will be in the next article following this one....which I do believe will give you more of an insight on just how awesome this guy was.

Hope you enjoy....and I encourage you to leave a comment ...good, bad, or whatever....  Hey  I write as a hobby...and yes I do make mistakes....but I just enjoy offering it all to whomever wishes to give the article a few minutes of there time.....hopefully they can skip over the imperfections of my writing style.