Monday, October 3, 2011


Well I am very well aware that the above don't seem to fit entirely on this "shoot me at dawn" if that is what it takes....but actually what I was attempting to do is get most of the picture above 'shoe-horned' into the space that was provided.

I have in the past produced what I call a "Scuttle-Butt" type of news letter.  Every so often about once every couple of months or so a bunch of us senior "Salts" that had past naval careers...get together at the local watering-hole...and talk about "old times at sea"....

So I got to producing a "Scuttle-Butt" ....which started out as a catch-all for "old items of interest" as well "as new things that was happening in the U.S. Navy"....the more we talked ....the longer we stayed at the local watering hole...and my Lord....the beer and or wine we indulged in...  Pretty soon we had other watering holes inviting our group to use there facilities....with a "DISCOUNT" on all the beer and old men of the sea could take on in one afternoon.  Let me tell far we've all enjoyed ourselves.

Anyway due to other articles I've been writing I haven't been keeping up to date on producing this latest in "News and Goings on of the U.S. Navy" I will correct that slight defect in my writing schedule...

Anyway here is one of a a few past "Scuttle-Butt" pages...and I'll dig around and post the others that I have.
I'll try and do better'll just have to forgive me....

[Actually if you care to...let me know what you think of this "Scuttle-Butt" page....should I keep producing or not??....and don't spare the horses with your opinion and or comment...I'm a big just tell me like it is....I really would appreciate it.....or leave a comment on site ....either for me]

So if you wish to read about a past "Scuttle-Butt" just click


Hope you enjoy the tid-bit of news