Saturday, October 29, 2011


The Amy Lowell (1875-1925) was named after a woman that was a poet and a critic.  Amy Lowell didn't become a poet until she was years into her adulthood; then, when she died early, her poetry (and life) were nearly forgotten -- until gender studies as a discipline began to look at women like Lowell as illustrative of an earlier lesbianism. She lived her later years in a "Boston marriage" and wrote erotic love poems addressed to other women.
The SS Amy Lowell a freighter was built at the California Shipbuilding Corporation with and Emergency Hull No 734.  The Keel was laid on February 28th, 1943.  Her hull hit the water on March 27, 1943, and delivered April 10th, 1943 to the operator: Seas Shipping Co. Inc.  Following her postwar service she entered the James River Reserve Fleet on June 8th, 1946 and was withdrawn on March 4th, 1947.
SS Amy Lowell

1947 April....the Amy Lowell was sold to Det Forenede D/S A/S and displayed the Denmark flag....her name was changed to Nevada.
SS Nevada (ex-Amy Lowell)

1948 June 6th....On this morning the Nevada was about 21 miles east of Baccalieu Island when she struck an iceberg.  At the time she was bound from Wabana, Bell Island, Newfoundland to Europe.  The damage to the bow of the Nevada was estimated at approximately $35,000, but luckily there was no personnel casualties.  She made port at St. Johns, Newfoundland unassisted. 
1951 April the Nevada lost her propeller about 2 mi. off Uto Light (Aalborg, Denmark to Buenos Aires).
1959 she was sold to White Sea Maritime Ltd. and displayed the Liberia flag and changed her name to White Sea.
1960 she was sold again to United White Shipping Co. Ltd. again displaying the Liberia flag and retained the  name White Sea.
1967 March 11th arrived for scrapping.....the buyer was Shipbreakers, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Author: Bud Shortridge