Friday, October 14, 2011


Here is my latest in "Scuttle-Butt" news of a nautical & Navy perspective.  As many of you well know I produced one of these..."so called newsletter" so us old salts here my home town meet at the local watering hole to discuss old tales of our sea life.  Actually we set around and try to tell the longest lie....that way we can order more don't that make a great deal of sense?

Anyway folks this particular issue has some new news worthy items...[short stories] as well as items of interest...that you may know about then again you may not.  In other words it is a gathering of hopefully interesting items...that I hope will hold the readers interest.  Some of these items readers has sent to me....and I've included them in the well as what I've come upon when doing research on different subject matter.

If you'd care to give this Scuttle-Butt Newsletter a going over well just click the title below:

Hope you enjoy the newsletter