Monday, October 3, 2011


You know folks....I read about a good many 'sea battles'...old battles...such as back in the late 1700's and 1800' well as what I'd call more recent battles....WW I & WW II....and I've come across some fairly gruesome sea battles....but this particular battle that is the subject of this article....kind of made the hair on the back of my neck stand out.

I really got engrossed in the material that I gathered up and to put the article on this blog of mine....I just can't imagine how these men...and some women could face this type of fighting....I mean we are talking "hand-to-hand" as well as large cannons shooting shot and chains at point blank range into the decks of the enemy....WOW!!!....this just blows me away!!!

So...I know there are parts of this Sea engagement that you may have some trouble following ...but stick with it  if you can...because this is some "heavy stuff"....

Here is Destiny as well as history that converged during 1805 on a small sector of ocean as Horatio Nelson earned undying glory amid the specter of blazing cannons and gun smoke.  Oh yes Lord Horatio Nelson achieve a victory at Trafalgar....but it was to be his last and most profound battle at sea.....actually when you look at the scope of Nelson's brilliant was a fitting end to a most unlikely Naval hero.

Now this is a "TWO" part you can read "Part 1" and then go fill your coffee cup, sherry glass, or some darn good port wine...before diving into "Part 2"

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