Wednesday, November 2, 2011


In the very early 1800's the U.S. was having a great deal of trouble in and around there 'New Territory' the port of New Orleans.  Of course this was the entrance to the Mississippi River....and no matter where the ships came from they entered into this huge river to around the city of Balize or Pilot Town.

Well if your familiar with this area you'll soon see that of the many islands ....and these islands were mostly uninhabited.  These islands were a perfect spot for smugglers as well at privateers and pirates to hide.....and then pounce on the ships coming or leaving port.

This was not a good thing because the collection of custom duties was getting short changed by this type of the U.S. Government decided they needed to put some sort of armed vessel in the area.  Well one thing lead to another and in late 1804 the cutter Louisiana was built and ready.  She was captained by Joseph Newcomb whom had a reputation of being brash....and many times a real contentious sort.

So this is the story of just what took place with the Louisiana....her captain and the events of this area of the "New Territory"
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