Friday, November 25, 2011


The picture you see is of the 'Island' on the USS Enterprise and if you look close to the left of the Island you'll see a Japanese 'Val' on fire and attempting to come in for a 'kill.'  This is just one of many Japanese planes that was attacking the Enterprise during the battle of the eastern Solomons.
We had three carriers and there support groups in this battle....but the Enterprise was pretty much singled out as the target....the Japs wanted her "down & out" in there quest to hang on to southern Solomons.

Folks this is one heck of a battle...and yes one of the commanders of our side did make a mistake....a costly one for his career as a battle commander....and the Enterprise took one hell of a beating....damaged well as killed some of her crew.

It is a detailed article of which if you're into reading about sea battles....well let me tell you this one is for first it is a tad 'slow' in providing you with how this battle all got started and how we "thought" it was going to play out....but hang with it...because it sure does get interesting.

If you wish to give it a go...just click on the title below: