Sunday, November 6, 2011


Michael Hoke Smith....(1855-1931) of which this particular Liberty ship was named after became an excellent lawyer without a 'formal' education....[he passed the bar examination at the age of seventeen in 1873].  Established a legal practiced by becoming a prominent injury attorney in the Southeast, by representing workers and passengers against the doing so he became financially and professionally established.  In 1887 purchase the Atlanta Journal, of which became very profitable in just a few years.  He used his wealth, and the successful Atlanta Journal to enter Democratic politics.  He went on from this point to become the United States Secretary of the Interior (1873-1896), the 58th Governor of Georgia (1907-1909, 1911), and a United States Senator (1911-1920) from Georgia.  He was most influential as the leader of Georgia's Progressive movement during his years as governor and as a U.S. Senator.
The SS Hoke Smith was built as a Liberty ship freighter at Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation and was assigned Emergency Hull No. 1061.  Her Keel was laid on July 21, 1943, and she was Launched September 16, 1943.  She was delivered to her 'operator' which was: American Export Lines, Inc. on September 27, 1943.  Following postwar service she entered the James River Reserve Fleet on July 13, 1946 and a few months later.....February 15, 1947 was withdrawn.

1947 March sold to Rederiet "Ocean" A/S, displayed the Denmark flag and her named changed to Thora Dan.

1948 sold to Cia de Nav. Aeolus, S.A. and displayed the Panama flag and her name changed to Spalmatori.
1960 sold to Cia de Vapores Realma, S.A. and displayed the Greece flag and her name again changed to Mastro-Stelios ll.
1961 sold to Ulysses Shipping Enterprises, S.A. continued to display the Greece flag and continued to carry the same name of Mastro-Stelios ll.

1965 sold to First Freighters, Ltd and displayed the South Africa flag with a name change to Wendy H.
1967 September 23 she arrived for scrapping at Shipbreakers, Valencia, Spain.

Author: Bud Shortridge