Saturday, November 5, 2011


"Ziggy" was a pioneer Naval Airman, he had vast experience....and when he was associated with "Taffy Three" at the battle off Samar.....his experience saved the day!
Yes....a guy named "Ziggy"....kind of plump guy....probably not the type that others would look at that had a head on his shoulders for Naval Warfare....the type of kid that other kids just 'Zeroed' in make fun of....and this continued all the way to the U.S. Naval Academy. one would have dreamed this moon-faced kid would become one of America's most acclaimed fighting admirals of WW II.  Oh yes, "Ziggy" was the one you didn't hear about....was in the back ground....but when you heard his name you said, "Who is that?".  Well the big boys could not imagine that this admiral who would place hi out gunned and outnumbered ships between an overwhelming Japanese strike force and exposed U.S. troops on an invasion beach head would be the same Clifton "Ziggy" Sprague, that was this "moon faced kid."

But the truth be known....."The Navy was his life, and 'it' came first."

You will read that Ziggy Sprague was actually rescued from 'Gun Duty" and sent to Pensacola Florida, in learn how to fly Navy style.  He learned fact super quick....reason is he taught himself.  Within months he was flying the Curtiss N-9.....and in a few months he was chosen as the commanding officer of Aircraft Squadron Three......and get this folks...."Ziggy Sprague" was the one who would instruct the future Admiral "Bull" Halsey how to fly during Naval aviation tempestuous infancy.

This folks is one darn good bio on an extremely interesting Naval Admiral....I'm sure you'll enjoy.

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