Friday, September 30, 2011


If you've got a fair amount of interest in ships, nautical and naval history it is highly likely that the word "frigate" has bubbled to the surface of what you've read or heard.  I'm sure you've learned that this word was in reference to a particular type of warship that has been around for at least 250 + years.

The "frigate" is a type of warship that has went through many, many changes....not only in the U.S., but by every nation that has maintained a Navy....actually there has been over 200 changes to this type of vessel  for most to the Navies of the world.

I'm also fairly certain that you've heard of the term "sons of a gun" or "son of a gun"....well this article will tell you just how that term is in reference to the this type of vessel,.....also you'll learn just how needed this type of vessel was to fight the U-boat as the people of England could receive much needed food during the War.

This article is pretty darn interesting....both with the history of this type of vessel but just how far it has evolved over the years and it is still around....and a glimpse of the future of this puppy...
You can link to the complete article by clicking: HERE 

Hope you enjoy the article.