Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The "incident" of the sinking, of the USS Squalus (SS-192) was actually resulted in 26 lost lives, but on the other side of these terrible deaths...was history in the making because 33 others were trapped inside the hull.  As  the Nation and the World watched and waited the Navy pulled these men up from that tomb that so trapped them 240 feet below.....never before had this been accomplish.

Well if you read the article you'll soon read that they not only got the 33 men time they raised that iron shaped cigar, towed it back to harbor.....refitted her....and she set sail the Sailfish....but she kept the (SS-192).  This is one darn interesting story folks.....and actually if you read this article you'll want to read the next one that follows....because that is about the Sailfish (SS-192) [which actually in the Squalus after it was refloated and went through a refit.....and in entails the story of : Commanding Officer that Broke down!!!

And that one also is going to be darn interesting.  How many times have you heard of a "Commanding Officer Breaking Down"....and to admit that he was scared!!!  And if you shake your head on that....he even was awarded the Navy Cross.  But we are getting ahead of ourselves...that is the next one following this one.

Click HERE to read the article on the Raising of the Squalus (SS-192)