Wednesday, September 14, 2011


If you've read the article that is below about the raising of the SS Squalus (SS-192)'ve already got the basis of how this article more or less starts out.

As you know the Squalus sank when performing sea trials....with a huge loss of 26 men...and history in the making of pulling 33 souls from this sub 240 ft down...setting on the bottom, with air running out...and then raising the iron cigar to be refurbished to sail again.

Well after being re-floated, refurbish...she was renamed the Sailfish...but she carried the same hull number as the Squalus...(SS-192).  The Sailfish was crewed up...and a new commanding officer assigned....Mr. Morton Mumma.  A strict commanding officer...actually known as "Summary Court Martial Mumma" a no-nonsense kind of guy....would not tolerate jokes nor any discussion of Sailfish's earlier history.....oh folks he was one tough ole bird....but.....yep there was a "but"

The "tough ole bird" cracked when pressure came to bear in an attack on enemy ships.

So...that is what this article is all about....but I would encourage you to read the story below this first to give yourself some back ground on the development of this particular U. S. Submarine.

You can link to this article by clicking: HERE

I hope you enjoy the article

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