Friday, September 2, 2011



Your no doubt wondering....what the heck do you mean by "No-Man's-Water?"  Well you see during WW II we had to get men ashore onto these many, many to do this we had to use Navy vessels with designations beginning "L."

Oh we could and did get the Marines, Army and so forth to these islands...but there was this perilous stretch between the transport area and the beach which could not be transited by these deep draft transports.

This is where the LCI's came into play.....this "No-Man's-Water"....was dreaded and avoided by the "Deep-Water-Men".....but to the men of the beloved "L" craft....a sloping beach was in addition to being a necessary unpleasantness in an was a haven of refuge, a garage if you will...a convenient dry dock when the fighting had passed on.

If you've never gave something like this a whole lot of thought.....I would suggest you give this 'short article' a'll be in awe of how the skippers of the LCI's got things done......I'd say they had the attitude of "Where there is a will.....there damn sure is a way"

Hope you enjoy the article

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