Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lets just had a half dozen apples, someone gave you three oranges, and then some nut told you to 'subtract' five sacks of flour.....then this same 'nut' told you to come to the bottom line of "How Many Automobile Tires Would You Have Left????
Hmmmmmmm....I don't know about you but I'd be a tad confused.

Well I hate to burst your bubble ......but there were individuals that did in fact deal with this sort of arrangement during the war.  They were the "Seabee Supply Officers"

These "Supply Officers" didn't deal in 'money' all was built around the 'barter' system....and let me tell you folks they were darn good at what they were able to accomplish.

These "Battalion Supply Officers....they not only supplied and operated little services to the unit....such as barber shops...cobbler shops....sundries stores....laundries and yes even watch repair shops....  But, there was still the lumber that was needed for for the men in whatever climate they were went on and on....

So.....this article is what these guys done....there responsibilities....and how they accomplished it all.
I really do think you'll find it super interesting

If you wish to give it a read....just click HERE

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