Friday, September 23, 2011



Yes...Adm. Richmond Kelly Turner....was one tough ole bird....gruff, irascible and egotistical...all of that and then some, but say what you wish of this guy he taught the Navy the basics of amphibious warfare, and many don't realize that he master-planned most of the Pacific War's major invasions.

Although Turner has the scrubbed look of a Catholic priest, he had a reputation of having a hot temper, rude  bluntness and a resolute dislike for officers who did not display a keen interest in their duties. To be chewed out by the gruff admiral was to have been dressed down by a master.

So great a debacle as the slaughter at Savo called for someone in the chain of command to be held  accountable. After so many months of seeing America’s military humiliated and humbled by the forces of
Imperial Japan, Washington and an outraged American public demanded a scapegoat. And that someone was hot-tempered R/Adm. Richmond Kelly Turner, for as Commander of Amphibious Forces he was in overall charge of the Navy’s first thrust to retake conquered Japanese territory.

Here is a tad of info in my opinion one of the great military men of our time....yes, rough and told it like it was, owned up to his mistakes.....but you can say all you want about his ways...."HE DID GET THE JOB DONE!"

If you wish to read the story on Mr. "Terrible Turner".....just click: HERE

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